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Creo Medical is an Advanced Energy company developing technology and medical devices toimprove patient outcomes in the field of therapeutic endoscopy.Our CROMA Advanced Energy Platform combines super-high frequencyMicrowave andBipolar Radiofrequency energy to enable a range of miniature endoscopic devices toprecisely cut, coagulate and ablate.Speedboat Inject is the first Advanced Energy multi-modality instrument designed forflexible endoscopy that can deliver both advanced bipolar and microwave energy from asingle device.

Together, the CROMA Advanced Energy Platform and Speedboat Inject offer a novelsolution–Speedboat Submucosal Dissection (SSD)–that takes endoscopic resection to newlevels, bringing the control and prevision of Advanced Energy to the Endoscopy suite for thefirst time.SSD offers a solution to the challenges posed by the complex learning curve and highprocedure volumes needed to become proficient in ESD. Our comprehensive trainingprogram is designed to shorten the learning curve without compromising safety


Full-spectrum adaptive technology 

Our patented Kamaptive™ Technology combines the benefits of adaptivebipolar radiofrequency (RF) and super high-frequency microwave energyin the CROMA Advanced Energy platform, powering a suite ofmulti-modal devices to optimize treatments for patients and physicians.

Speedboat™ Inject

Speedboat™ Inject isthe first AdvancedEnergy multimodality instrumentdesigned for flexible endoscopythat can deliver both bipolar RF andmicrowave energy from a single device.

MicroBlate™ Fine

A microwave needle ablation device designed to the same form and dimensions as a standard biopsy needle. With a diameter of less than 1mm, it’s used to ablate tumors in a wide range of tissue types, including highly perfused tissue.


At Creo we believe that energy has the power to transform lives and improve our world.


Our revolutionary Kamaptive™ Technology and medical devices are developed to significantly improve patient outcomes, by bringing Laparoscopic tools into Therapeutic Endoscopy. Our virtual booth is divided into 4 areas – Kamaptive Technology, Educational Theater, Product Portfolio and Networking. Each area has hotspots and screens which you can click for more information.


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