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About us

GI Supply is a physician founded company and we strive for
deep clinical input into all that we do.

We are working to broaden our portfolio with high quality solutions that allow physicians to perform procedures safely and efficiently.

In partnership with LABORIE, GI Supply is proud to offer the Solar GI High Resolution Manometry, Solar GI High Resolution Anorectal Manometry and Ohmega pH Impedance from the Laborie product portfolio in addition to our Spot® Ex and EverLift™.

Our Products include:

  • Spot® Ex Endoscopic Tattoo

  • EverLift® Submucosal Lifting Agent

  • EndoTNeedle Endoscopic Injection Needle

  • RenovaRP® Paracentesis Management System Overview

  • Solar GI HRM - High-resolution Manometry

  • Solar GI HRAM - High-resolution Anorectal Manometry

  • Ohmega Impedance-pH Recorder

  • High resolution Pharyngeal Manometry

EverLift® Submucosal Lifting Agent


EverLift® is the fi rst submucosal lifting agent available in 5 mL and 10 mL sizes, allowing physicians to use only what's needed, reducing costly waste.

It has superior cushion with margin delineation with darker color and a slower rate of absorption into the body due to water retaining properties.


Additionally, it’s conveniently packaged and pre-mixed with methylene blue while being made in the USA.

Spot® Ex Endoscopic Tattoo

Spot® Ex is the #1 Endoscopic Tattoo choice of Gastroenterologists!

It’s the only tattoo with dual indication for surgical localization and clinical surveillance.


Spot® Ex is a darker tattoo which enables fast and easy identification, reducing OR time by up to 40 minutes.

Tattooing with Spot® Ex is cost effective, as well, with dedicated reimbursement as a submucosal injection.


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Meeting ID: 671 363 3472

Passcode: gisupply

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For more information, please contact:

Matt Evans
GI Supply

5069 Ritter Rd #104,

Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

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