Interpace Diagnostics, with well over 46,000 tests performed, is a leading provider of molecular testing of indeterminate pancreatic cysts, solid tumors, and biliary strictures. The Company offers two testing options that enable gastroenterologists to determine pancreatic cancer risk and patient management. PancraGEN®, a fully integrated reporting of first-line and molecular test results, and PanDNA®, a molecular-only reporting option for physician integration and interpretation of all test results.

These tests help gastroenterologists in determining the risk of patients developing pancreatic cancer using “integrated molecular pathology”, a proprietary and well documented combination assessment of tumor suppressor genes, loss of heterozygosity, imaging, chemistries, and other first line testing. Integration of molecular and first-line results helps inform the best course of action in patient management—from surgery to active surveillance.

PancraGEN® and PanDNA®

PancraGEN® and PanDNA® are powered by PathfinderTG®, a multivariate assay that combines molecular analysis with first line test results (e.g., cytology, fluid chemistry, and imaging). Testing is used to assess malignancy potential by looking at the quality and quantity of DNA, oncogene mutations (KRAS and GNAS, optional), and the loss-of heterozygosityin tumor suppressor genes (e.g., VHL, PTEN, etc.). Authorized healthcare providers have two options when receiving test results. PancraGEN provides integrated reporting of first line testing and PathfinderTG molecular test results, while PanDNA provides a “molecular only” reporting option for clinician integration. PancraGEN and PanDNA are not indicated for cases where the cytology is positive for malignancy. A comprehensive first line evaluation is required prior to molecular testing.

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