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Merit Medical Endotek® integrates non-vascular stent technology with inflation devices, dilation balloons with the first and only 5-stage balloon on the market, guide wires, and other accessories used throughout the medical community. Merit Endotek develops next-generation stent technology for use in the airway (AERO® and AEROmini®), esophagus (ALIMAXX-ES™ & ENDOMAXX®), to build value and quality in the creation of interventional and palliative treatment alternatives.

EndoMAXX® Esophageal Stent

The EndoMAXX® Fully-Covered Esophageal Stent is designed from years of clinical experience and feedback, and incorporates advanced features that help alleviate common adverse events associated with esophageal stenting.

The laser cut stent design provides for virtually no foreshortening nor elongation of the stent resulting in:

·           Increased deployment accuracy with no need to compensate for stent foreshortening

·           Reduction in stent movement “inch worming” because of the stent elongating and shortening from changes in compression force

Elation5™ Fixed-Wire Dilation Balloon

The Elation5™ Dilation Balloon, is the first and only 5-stage esophageal balloon on the market. Elation5™ adds value by expanding the treatment range with a single balloon while maintaining all the premium qualities found in our legacy Elation balloon design.


Merit’s proprietary balloon and catheter designs result in a rapid, complete deflation and easy removal from the scope. Elation5™ comes in unique sizes ranging from 5mm to 21mm in diameter, with the broadest range of sizes on a kink resistant catheter, reducing the frequency of needing a second balloon, helping clinicians do more with less.  


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