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Micro-Tech Co., Ltd, a leading medical technology company, offers top-quality products that facilitate improved patient outcomes and increased procedure efficiency.

We partner with doctors who are dedicated to innovation.

Through this collaboration, we are able to bring innovative, high quality new devices to market quickly and economically.

With facilities in America, Asia, and Europe, we leverage our global reach to continually refine and provide the best products for endoscopic care.

Our products include:

Hemostasis: Lockado, PinPoint Injection Needle
EMR-ESD: ESD T Knife, ESD Specimen Tray, Blue Boost


With two sets of opposing atraumatic teeth in the arms of the clip, Lockado delivers a reliable and secure grip for consistent performance.

Driven by Micro-Tech Endoscopy’s proven clip delivery system, theLockado clip provides exceptional reliability and tissue management.

  • Jaw style works for multiple clinical applications

  • Can be used with a side-viewing endoscope

  • Shorter stem make clips less obtrusive

  • Variety of sizes: 11 mm, 16 mm, and NEW 22 mm arm opening widths

  • Indicated for anchoring jejunal feeding tubes


ESD T Knife

The Micro-Tech Electrosurgical T Knife has
integrated electrosurgical and water injection
functions, eliminating the need for instrument
exchange which may save you time.


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Return to the MAGIC 2021 Conference Streaming

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Micro-Tech Endoscopy

For more information, please contact:

Mike Davis
Senior Account Executive

Cell: 856-220-7879
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