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Olympus is passionate about creating customer-driven solutions for the medical, life sciences, and industrial equipment industries.

As a leading medical technology company, our Medical business uses innovative capabilities in medical technology, therapeutic intervention, and precision manufacturing to help healthcare professionals deliver diagnostic, therapeutic, and minimally invasive procedures to improve clinical outcomes, reduce overall costs, and enhance the quality of life for patients and their safety. Olympus’ Medical portfolio includes endoscopes, laparoscopes, and video imaging systems, as well as surgical energy devices, system integration solutions, medical services, and a wide range of endotherapy instruments for endoscopic and therapeutic applications.

HANAROSTENT® Esophagus Through-the-Scope (TTS)

Olympus offers a lineup of self-expanding metal stents to help achieve luminal patency in a variety of clinical applications. With a unique braiding design, the HANAROSTENT® provides an ideal balance of radial and axial force, allowing for the flexibility to conform to a patient’s anatomy and precisely target their stricture. 

Unlike over-the-wire esophageal stents, the 10.5F HANAROSTENT Esophagus TTS allows for accurate and easy esophageal stenting under direct scope endoscopic visualization. 


HANAROSTENT® Esophagus TTS is offered in fully covered (ECBA series) or partially covered (EPBA) stent options.


Combination Sphincterotome and Papillary Dilation Balloon


Combine 2 steps— sphincterotomy and papillary dilation— into a single endoscopic device for simpler, more efficient removal of large bile duct stones.

• Precurved distal end extrudes to a stable 11 o’clock orientation, simplifying cannulation of the papilla and ensuring optimized cutting

• CleverCut coating enhances safety during sphincterotomy

• Optimal dilation of the papilla to match distal bile duct size

• Supports device exchange for short-wire or traditional over-the-wire techniques

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