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STERIS Endoscopy is focused on improving patient care by delivering clinically proven product solutions and technologies in spray cryotherapy, electrosurgery, hemostasis, polypectomy, EUS and more. We are excited to share our latest innovations and technologies as advancing patient care in GI endoscopy is our focus. The clinically-focused offerings include the truFreeze® spray cryotherapy system indicated for the treatment of esophageal and airway diseases, such as Barrett’s Esophagus and esophageal cancer, the state-of-the-art gi4000 electrosurgery unit – a compact unit with Argon, Monopolar, Bipolar and Lavage functions all in one, the novel over-the-scope Padlock Clip® defect closure system designed for the effective treatment of GI bleeds, the dynamic CoinTip™ snare designed to support hot and cold polyp resection and the Moray® micro forceps designed for enhanced sampling from pancreatic cystic lesions.

GI4000 Electrosurgery Unit

The state-of-the-art gi4000 electrosurgery unit is designed specifically for flexible endoscopy and has Argon, Monopolar, Bipolar and Lavage functions all built into one easy-to-use, compact unit. Includes thermal therapeutic outputs suitable for everything from argon coagulation, two pulse cut modes for sphincterotomy, true GI bipolar, TouchSoft® coagulation and multiple polypectomy choices. EMR, ESD, and POEM capable.

Padlock Clip® Defect Closure System

The Padlock Clip defect closure system features an over-the-scope clip designed to encircle, lift, close, and heal tissue within the GI tract.

  •  Attaches to the outside of the endoscope

  • Provides an open and free instrument channel for unhindered endoscope suction

  • Allows for “push of the thumb” deployment

CoinTip™ Snare

Not all snares offer the same recruitment, resection, and performance. The innovative CoinTip snare supports hot and cold resection with very unique design features and leverages the benefits of different snare sizes to support precise cutting capabilities. Distal tip flattened to 0.25mm which is achieved by the manufacturing process of “coining” Double catheter that includes an internal strain relief for added support to reduce the chance of buckling during resection

Moray® Micro Forceps

The Moray micro forceps is designed to acquire reliable tissue samples from pancreatic cysts, helping lead to a more definitive diagnosis and targeted therapy.


  • Serrated jaws that grab tissue from the wall of pancreatic cysts 

  • Stainless steel spring sheath offers functionality in tortuous positions

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