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About us

TaeWoong Medical was founded in 1991 and obtained FDA and CE approval for Niti-S™ brand products with excellence through product quality and technical expertise.

As a leading medical company, we manufacture a vast range of medical equipment of our own unique designs; mainly gastrointestinal medical metallic stents, urology stents, RFA treatment and a variety of accessories.

Our objective is to maintain high levels of innovation, knowledge, and technical expertise to provide solutions for patient’s comfort. In addition, we are continuously expanding into new businesses and high-growth adjacent markets to reach out to more patients around the world.

We will always continue to deliver our values and invest our passion and energy for the greater benefit of all patients.

EUSRA™ EUS-guided RFA treatment


Safe ablative treatment for soft tissue via focused application of controlled amount of energy for efficiently short duration.

● Easy to use, independent all-in-one device that reduces procedural steps and time of RFA treatment.

● Superb visualization under EUS of both electrode and the progress of the procedure.

● Inner cooling system making it possible to ablate without tissue charring.

● Controlled RFA environment with specialized VIVA Combo generator.   

ELRA™ Endobiliary RFA Treatment


The ELRA Electrode is a radiofrequency (RF) catheter which provides bipolar energy to perform partial or complete ablation of tissue in the pancreatic and biliary tracts.

● Temperature Sensing System to manage consistent temperature of ablation zone

● Prevention of over-application of energy with specialized VIVA Combo generator’s Impedance Monitoring System 

● Various lengths (11mm, 18mm, 22mm, and 33mm) for the different anatomy and geometry of the stricture


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TaeWoong Medical USA

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